Dear Friend of IWW,

In an effort to address questions and concerns about the continued  operation of International Watch Works, I would ask that you please consider the situation I have been dealing with. First, please accept my sincere apology for being tardy in, or not replying to, your email. My health issues have not resolved themselves and have actually have gotten somewhat worse. Additionally, over the very recent past, some new health issues have arisen that will require even more time and effort away from work.

These health issues have created a backlog that has gotten worse, and my inability work consistently and productively prevents me from seeing any resolution in the foreseeable future. I have never, and will never, work on any watch to which I cannot devote my full abilities. This has been my situation all too frequently as of late.

As such, I have no choice but to severely limit my intake of new projects to warranty repairs (both warranties on IWW work and Marathon Watch Company products) and PVD projects. Additionally, we will continue to handle Chronosport annual battery/cleaning services on operating watches. If you have a Chronosport that needs some other service or is not operational, we will not be able to provide needed service.

Some of you have noticed that my web site has also been off the air. This had nothing to do with any of the above, but was the result of a catastrophic failure on the part of my service provider. The entire site had to be rebuilt from scratch (backups were also lost) and now we are back up running.

When I am able to perform consistently and at full capability, I hope that the community that I have been part of for many years, will welcome me back. I do understand though, that the world continues to turn and  even my longest time customers may move to other providers. I sincerely wish nothing but successful projects for everyone.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and continued interest in IWW. 

All the best in 2018!

Best regards,
Jack Alexyon
International Watch Works