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 Shipping instructions

  • Do not send manufacturer boxes or any packing material that is not disposable.

  • Do include a printed work order or copy of our email correspondence outlining the work to be performed.

  • Do include your email address, phone number and shipping information.

  • Please indicate whether you would like to purchase insurance for your return package and for how much coverage, or if you’d simply like a tracking number without insurance.

  • Do not use excessive amounts of tape to secure the packing material to the watch. There is a risk of damaging the watch attempting to cut through the tape. If possible secure the packing material to the watch with rubber bands.

  • If we do not need the bracelet or strap for any work please remove it if possible.

  • Please ship your items with delivery confirmation. This will allow you to track receipt of your package on-line We do not automatically contact on receipt of your package.

  • International shippers using Fedex/UPS/DHL: you are responsible for customs duties. Please mark your waybill “bill duties to sender.”

A word regarding turn around times: We try to quote an honest time frame for your project. While there are many repairs and modifications we can execute rather quickly, movement servicing is not one of them. The movement service queue is always lengthy and I see no end in sight or practical solution to reduce the wait. Allow 6 months for movement services.

A note to local customers: We are not open to the public and cannot accept hand delivery or pick up of your project. Thank you for understanding.

IWW’s Shipping Info:

Jack Alexyon

c/o IWW

PO Box 3065, Cary, NC 27519 U.S.A.

101 Orilla Ct, Cary, NC 27513 U.S.A. (Please use this address for FedEx/UPS/DHL)

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